Four Freshmen Welcome Reception
Nov .22, 2003

Bob Ferreira    Vince Johnson    Brian Eichenberger    Curtis Calderon

The Four Freshmen (group #22) came to Japan in late November as with last year. The custom to have a welcome reception on their off day in Tokyo has taken root now. For two consecutive years, this has taken place at Little MANUELA.

Nishikage CEO of the contracting MONS production is very kindly in accepting our request. Last year, over 50 fans came, and Little MANUELA simply overflowed, so this year, we decided to try to limit the attendees to 40 and limited the notice sent out accordingly.

The members of the Four Freshmen all made comments that amounted to, "This club has a lovely atmosphere," and were very relaxed. Since this is their second time here, they must feel so all the more better.


The moment they came into the club, they started a jam session and took no recess. They just love playing, and playing with, the instruments. This must be their tradition since before the Four Freshmen came into being 55 years ago, in 1948. If they have any free time, they either rehearse, or have fun with music.

Today, we had called on to the trumpeter Hiro Kawashima, who has become a familiar face at Little MANUELA to attend. "Will you have fun please with the Four Freshmen?"

We had Kawashima-san join in the mix. The Freshmen goggled at Kawashima-san's trumpet. We had expected this, and so had asked him to join us.


At first, Brian was just sitting there as if he had nothing to do, but soon enough, he must have felt the urge, he picked up the guitar that the Webmaster had ready, and started playing.

Once these guys get started, they never know when to quit. Jazz men really have fun with sessions like this.

Makes no difference whether one earns his living with music or not.

Oohashi-san, a regular of Little MANUELA played the drums in place of Bob. He must have been euphoric to be able to have a session with the world-famous Four Freshmen.

Two brasses. If they're left alone, this goes on forever.

Reception is Taisho with Chunchun.
Kawasima-san sang Chet Baker.

This year, all of the OZ SONS were present. To sing in front of the original is a bit terrifying, but boy, did it feel great.

Vince got into the act without any hesitation. This sure feels great, too.

Every year, we have a "Four Freshmen Quiz Contest" including the members of the Four Freshmen, with questions from their recordings and CDs.

CDs and other paraphernalia are handed out as prizes to those who do well.

This year, we had everyone listen to the solos of "All 19 members of the past" and guess who the singers were.

Vince answered every soloist correctly. He attended graduate school, and has a Master's Degree in jazz. Sure makes a difference.

Brian came in second. FFS's Oonuki-san placed third. Kurimoto (Kuri-G of the OZ SONS) also got a prize.

Ichiura-san, the representative of the Japanese Charter of FFS. Our Charter is in his good hands. He takes care of every detail, no matter how tedious, and looks after the members together with his wife.

Many FF Fans got together at Little MANUELA, they were satisfied FF performance and their hospitality.

And last but not least, the Four Freshmen galore. This year, they sang for us, two newly arranged tunes not yet recorded. Brian and Vince did the arrangements, and they were simply fabulous.

Brian, "SKY LARK" and Vince "SEPTEMBER SONG". The wonderful harmony is the true value of the Four Freshmen.

Signetures of FF are on the side of webmaster's Gibson. They play it every time they come to Tokyo.
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